1500hp land drilling rig at night


Located in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, Top Oilfield Industries has been a consistent and reliable service centre for drilling contractors operating in the Middle East. Created by oil industry professionals, the company has expert knowledge of the environment, problems and demands within which drilling contractors operate. Top Oilfield has consistently offered a wide range of services and skills designed to ensure that clients could always be assured of a first class level of service.

As a result of its unyielding commitment to high quality production, Top Oilfield has grown to become a leader in the field of land rig manufacturing (offering turnkey solutions), rig refurbishment, oilfield drilling equipment manufacture, repair, overhaul and certification. In addition, Top Oilfield also supplies mechanical, electrical and engineering field technicians throughout the Middle East and beyond, who undertake vital repair and maintenance projects in support of its clients. Top Oilfield Industries is proudly an ISO 9001:2008, API (4F, 7K & 16D) and BMTRADA certified company.

With over two decades of service, Top Oilfield has achieved an impeccable record of oilfield equipment refurbishment, and prides itself on consistently producing work of the highest quality, in a timely and cost effective manner. The company’s commitment is that every piece of equipment that leaves its workshops has been overhauled to the highest industry standards, tested and will perform to its design specifications. We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ concept, whereby drilling equipment, engines, electrical work and steel fabrication work are all undertaken in-house, by our own personnel. This means that we retain full control over all aspects of the projects we are commissioned to do. In addition, the savings we make (by not sub-contracting work) are passed on to our customers, making us the most competitive service provider in the region.

Top Oilfield provides:

  • Bespoke land rigs manufactured to customer’s specifications and budgets.
  • Manufacture of key specialist equipment (B.O.P. control units, cementing/pumping units, batch mixers etc.).
  • Overhaul, upgrade, recertification and repair of all drilling rig rotating equipment, pumps, hoists and engines (Caterpillar and Detroit).
  • Electrical and electronic component supply, repair and upgrade,
  • Expert manpower supply and field service technicians (Rig inspection, certification and overhaul)
  • Procurement/Supply services (new and used certified drilling equipment)
  • Equipment rental (Mud pumps, Caterpillar Gensets, BOP Closing Units, Pumping units, etc.).
  • Rig surveys and engineering support (in-house or on location)
  • Steel fabrications (Mast/substructures, tanks farms, batch mixers, bespoke design and custom fabrication).
Currently Top Oilfield has trade licenses and facilities in the U.A.E and Abu Dhabi, Partnered facilities in Abu Dhabi, KSA, Bahrain (working closely with ASRY), India and Qatar.


If you were considering a place where your repair work or construction was to take place, you’d prefer a facility where everything is done by our own trained professionals. We can meet that demand.

We have 80,000 square metres of facilities that include: repair workshops; fabrication yards; rig-up, commissioning yards, storage area; engine and load test facilities.

We are unique in the Middle East in that we are the only company that can offer end-to-end services, all carried out by the same company, and not by sub-contractors.

We have marine, mechanical, and design engineers who are all highly-qualified, and experienced with your particular models. We use the latest software versions of engineering protocols, and whether you need manufacture or repair, we have the people who take the stress out of your particular programme.

Working within an API-licensed facility, you can be assured that the work we do is supported by the highest-possible industry standards. You can be assured that whatever we do, your work will adhere to the original design specifications.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have, or, further information you may require.

Core Services

Land Rig

Land Rig Manufacture & Refurbishment

Land Rig

Land Rig New Build, Rig Up & Commissioning


Repair, Overhaul & Packaging of Oilfield Equipment


Engine Zero Hour Re-Builds and Repairs


Accumulator Control Unit Manufacturing, Major Overhaul &Repair


Fabrication of Complete Mud Systems


Manufacture,Overhaul & Repair of Cement Units


Drilling Equipment API Certification, Supply & Rental

Technical Field Support

Technical Field Support