Welcome to TOP OILFIELD Industries

2x 1500hp Land drilling rigs, under construction in our Sharjah yard.

2x 1500hp Land drilling rigs, under construction in our Sharjah yard.


If you are looking for Land Rigs, Drilling Equipment or Technical Manpower then you have come to the right place.

Top Oilfield is a ‘One Stop Shop’ service centre for drilling contractors and the wider energy market. Through our API licenses (16D, 7K & 4F) & certified quality management system (ISO 9001) coupled with our committed and experienced team, you can be assured that everything we do will meet your expectations.

Our core services include;

  • Design & Manufacture; we offer bespoke and in-house designs, whatever your needs we can offer a solution.
    • Land drilling & work over rigs – 650HP to 3000HP.
    • BOP control (Koomey) units.
    • Mud systems, batch mixers, pump packages, cement units.
    • Trailer mounted pump units, flare stack systems.
    • Masts & substructures.
  • Repair & Refurbishment; be it a planned upgrade, a Cat III/IV recert program or in field failure repair. Our engineers & technicians can handle the task at hand; some have been with us for over 15 years.
    • Land & offshore rigs.
    • BOP control (Koomey) units.
    • Drilling & oilfield equipment.
    • Engines – Dyno & restive load testing facilities are available.
    • Derricks, hoists & cranes.
  • Packaging of Engines, Compressors & Pumps for oilfield and utilities markets.
  • Sales, rental & procurement of rigs & oilfield equipment.
  • Inspection & recertification of rigs & drilling equipment;
    • QA/QC Inspectors for Cat III & Cat IV programs.
    • Critical failure, damage & insurance inspections.
  • Technical manpower supply on & off shore;
    • QA/QC Inspectors.
    • Mechanical, drilling, hydraulic and fabrication engineers & technicians.
    • Offshore service personnel certified to BOSIET standard.
    • Internal & external training program benchmarked to industry standards
  • Base hosting & storage services.

Since our inception in 1995 we have strived to meet the changing demands of the market. We have grown over 20 years from a modest repair & supply company to a leading manufacturer, refurbishment / re certification contractor and supplier of land and offshore oilfield equipment.

We are located in Hamriyah Free zone, Sharjah, U.A.E within easy reach of the MENA, CIS & African markets. Our facility consists of 80,000 m2 of fabrication, equipment repair, engine workshops, commissioning yard, high pressure testing bay, paint shop & storage. We have partner facilities in Abu Dhabi & KSA and access to facilities in Oman, Bahrain & India.