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Health Safety Environment

TOP OILFIELD is committed to conducting its operations with the awareness of and concern for the preservation of project environments and for the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the community at large.

The company’s policy on health safety and the environment continues to evolve meeting new demands as they arise. In the energy industry environment, our focus is necessarily upon minimizing frequency of accidents and containment of losses when incidents actually occur.

Today, managing of health, safety and the project environment is a fundamental part of managing our business. Safety management is an integral element of all operations and priority in our daily activities. This integration is beneficial to the quality of our work. In alignment with our TQM activities, all TOP OILFIELD personnel are actively encouraged to maintain safe and healthy working conditions and follow operating practices safeguard all personnel and increase efficiency.

At TOP OILFIELD, our HSE Team consisting of HSE, Medical, Rigging and Security personnel, are trained to International Standards, with ongoing improvement training with external accredited training providers. The team focuses on assisting and advising our workforce in working safely and therefore productive. We are constantly undertaking internal training with our workforce, who are openly encouraged to contribute to our HSE culture through suggestion schemes, STOP card system, walkthroughs and feedback from HSE meetings.