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Jack up rig refurbishment

Harsh environments and corrosive elements are unavoidable factors that all rigs withstand year in- year out, facilitating the necessity for high quality structures.

From structural elements to individual components, quality is something we can deliver at a fast and efficient pace to limit your downtime. Regardless of whether your request is a repair, replacement, refurbishment, refit or upgrade; TOP OILFIELD is able to cater to your needs with a fast paced and professional approach.

At one of our dedicated quayside facilities and workshops, we are able to supply highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workmen who can work round-the-clock to make sure your rig is back in operation fast – and in better shape than ever. Our Yards in the Middle East are dedicated to servicing your assets and ensuring your project satisfaction for all rigs in the MENA and Indian regions.

TOP OILFIELD prides themselves on delivering on schedule and to budget. We listen closely to the unique requirements of each customer and have a refreshing attitude of transparency, clarity and honesty to our clients as it is an ingrained part of our company ethos.

Project start-up is fast; our solutions are robust; and from the first AFC drawing to the final nut and bolt; quality is high with safety systems securely in place. Every job we undertake, from the major tasks to the minor welds, our work is certified inline with internationally recognized class standards

Our Offer:

  • HSE
  • Engineering Support
  • Inspection
  • Steel Replacement
  • Mechanical
  • Piping Systems
  • Blasting and Painting
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Electrical Repower
  • Architectural
  • Leg repairs